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The diverse personalities that the Godllywood members come across during a care home visit, helps to make each occasion unique. This was the case when the group attended the Lennox House care home on 29 August 2016.

Around 19 volunteers put on a show for 20 seniors at the care home. The Godllywood ladies, who were in their splendid polka-dot dresses, produced a mini concert, which lasted for an hour and a half.

Before the activity began, there were mixed reactions from residents. Some had begun singing in anticipation while others remained quiet, unsure of what to expect.

Godllywood member, Cyrena Mullings, said: “I visited the care home, in true 60’s style. We sang and danced to old favourites. We watched the smiles on their faces and the light in their eyes.”

Some residents were so thrilled that they made requests for songs that they wanted to sing along to. “I love going to the care home as it always gives me a sense of joy to see them have so much fun,” added Cyrena.

To show their appreciation, the group offered gifts to the residents, including necklaces, brooches, hats and brightly coloured sunglasses. Another group member, Glory Isobe, said: “The expressions on their faces were heart warming and I enjoyed being there. Some of the elderly people had been giving for so many years and it was nice to give back to them.”

On the whole, everybody enjoyed the visit. Although the group’s stay was brief, it was one that the seniors are likely to remember for a long time.

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