Four steps to get clean & keep clean

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Participating in an activity or consuming a substance without the discipline to say “no” or “this is enough”, can be very alarming for an individual. When this particular behaviour interferes with day-to-day responsibilities, it is evident that the person has become addicted!

So, is it possible for an addicted person to turn the tables around and, if so, how do they go from being dependent to exercising self-control, or even better quitting?

This is when the Addiction Cleansing Therapy (ACT) meeting steps in. This meeting, which is led by Roland Schlenker, helps addicts and those who are indirectly affected, such as loved ones and friends, to target the root of the addiction.

From the first week of August, anyone with an addiction is invited to take the first step to gain control over his or her life. As they join the ACT meeting, there will be a one-month challenge to get clean and stay clean.

Can you imagine the comfort you will have and the joy your loved ones will show if you returned to your clean stage—the period before you was addicted? That dream can still be a reality if you are willing to take part in this opportunity.

In the ACT seminar, Roland Schlenker will share four simple steps, which can assist someone to break away from his or her cravings. No addiction is too embarrassing or too great to overcome. The meeting welcomes all kinds of dependences including gambling, sex, exercise, food, work, shopping, the Internet and many more.

Numerous people have stepped through the doors of the UCKG HelpCentre, participated in the meetings, and gradually became empowered to beat their addictions.

Eduardo Moraes shares with us the moment he became addicted: “I started smoking cigarettes, but that wasn’t strong for me, so I moved onto marijuana…I thought I could stop at anytime but I was lying to myself.”

Eduardo’s started attending the HelpCentre with the support of his mother. He adds: “From the positive and encouraging meetings, I gradually received the strength to beat my addiction. I had so much support from the helpers. I no longer wanted to have anything to do with drugs or alcohol.”

Join us every Sunday at 6pm only at the Rainbow Theatre.

Event: Four steps to get clean and keep clean
Date: Every Sunday
Time: 6pm
Venue: Rainbow Theatre, 232 Seven Sisters Road, London, N4 3NX

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The ACT meeting changed my life

evenfellowAs my parents were from different worlds and theirs seemed like a love that was not meant to be – I was the product of their affair – I grew up without a dad.

Growing up with this empty feeling inside caused me to find other ways to numb the pain. I took weed from the age of 15, tried crack cocaine on a few other occasions, and I was also hooked on cigarettes. I was what you call a chain smoker!

I could easily smoke 80 cigarettes a day. My nights out started at 8pm and lasted till 5am the following morning. I’d have some weed here and there and try other things, but cigarettes and alcohol were constant. I became a womaniser and would seek and prey on vulnerable women through one-night stands and multiple relationships with women at the same time.

That’s when I discovered the UCKG HelpCentre through a real life story just like your reading mine, after attending a faith-based seminar like the ACT. I gathered the strength not only to change my ways and attitude but also to begin to believe that real happiness can be achieved. Although it wasn’t easy, through much perseverance, I have been clean and kept clean for 15 years!

Samuel Danquah

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The turning point

Life had been pretty simple up until I started off smoking weed for the first time. That changed everything. I joined a gang to feel invincible. However, smoking excessively made me paranoid, I thought that everyone was against me.

The other turning point of my life is when I was invited to the UCKG HelpCentre. As I heard the messages, I started seeking a change and to let go of my past lifestyle. I decided to do so, and I have never turned back since.

Today I am no longer an addict and I’m also a much happier person, striving to help others going through similar difficulties.

Moyosola Sonupe

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No more bad habits

actBefore attending the UCKG, I was addicted to swearing, pornography, and lying. I tried to stop swearing but it was difficult because it ‘helped’ me to express my anger. I was also resistant to stop the other addictions because I enjoyed them. I knew it was not right but, even if I tried, I was unsure on how I would stop.

I happened to attend the HelpCentre for the first time during a week when there was a purpose happening about overcoming addictions. That was when I realised my problem was something serious. So I started attending many services, including the Sunday meetings, to seek God’s help. Through the help and guidance I received and took on board, I am no longer enslaved by those things, nor do I feel the need to swear to express myself.

Sarah Ogilo


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Do not  listen to the tempting thoughts

actI was someone who was very depressed and because of that, I used to smoke a lot. It was as if there was a wall in my mind that didn’t allow me to think of solutions in order to develop in life. When my situation became better, I would try to put a stop to the smoking. But the problems soon came back and I started smoking again.

I came to the UCKG HelpCentre through the invitation of a family member. At that time, a purpose was announced, and I saw it as an opportunity to change myself for the better. The results exceeded my expectations.

I was free from depression and free from the addiction to tobacco. Consequently, I began to see life in a different way. Today, the environment at home with my husband and daughters has completely changed. I have peace and the certainty that everything will be different from now on.

Sónia Andrade 

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Finding peace without drinking

nelmaI have three boys, but I used to be a very depressed mother because of my broken relationship. I started to buy alcohol every weekend; I would come home and drink during the night. When I realised that the drinks were helping me to sleep, I started drinking alcohol every day. These drinks included wine, beer, and vodka.

The services at the UCKG HelpCentre really helped me. I learnt to use my faith to tackle my problems. I learnt to remove all negativity from inside me and on the Wednesdays I was gaining more strength and peace.

Today, I am truly free from the addiction of alcohol; I have no desire to drink anymore. Most importantly I have peace; I am a happy and blessed mum living with my kids and I am able to sleep at night.

Nelma Barros 


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