A life of misery and despair

suffering from any spiritual problems, surrender my entire life to God,

a life of misery and despair

‘I struggled with a number of things throughout my life from depression and suicidal thoughts to broken relationships and debts. I also experienced spiritual problems and went through moments of having low self-esteem. I had no confidence in myself, I lacked trust in others, and I was addicted to: smoking, drinking alcohol, and spending money I didn’t have, which eventually led me to a financial crisis. I was broken and had no sense of direction.

I sought help from doctors, who prescribed me antidepressants, and I also went for counselling. In addition, I sought help from clairvoyants, who I felt only took advantage of my desperation because nothing seemed to work. At the UCKG, however, things were different because I felt a difference from the first time I received a prayer. I began to attend the meetings every Friday. These particular meetings focus on spiritual cleansing, where you receive advice and prayers for deliverance and spiritual protection. At these meetings, I was guided not to accept the negative things in my life as normal and pray believing that God was able to remove the obstacles from my life. I did exactly that and, consequently, things started to get better. Things began to look up in my life’.

However, throughout her journey, Sandra faced a number of doubts, and she even stopped attending the UCKG at certain points. Sandra’s life tested her at every given opportunity.

‘For a while, my faith was weak, as I had worries and fears that held me back. I faced obstacle after obstacle; for instance, my partner passed away and, at one point, my son went to jail. Although my life was a never-ending turbulent rollercoaster, I learned that all I needed was solid faith in God to get me through it. It wasn’t until I decided to fully surrender my entire life to God that my faith became stronger and I started the journey towards true transformation.

It took a lot perseverance but this combined with my faith paid off, and my life has moved forward in leaps and bounds. Today, I am no longer downcast, addicted, or suffering from any spiritual problems. I also no longer drink, smoke or overspend and I am completely free and happy’.

Sandra gave her spiritual wellbeing the attention it deserved, she focused on her deliverance and found her freedom.

Sandra Dominique

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