Cristiane Cardoso

How to conquer a dream

Hi friends, today I want to tell you about how it all started for me. Sometimes we use words such as “I decide to change”, “I’m going to do things differently” or “from this day on, I’m going to see things differently” and people tend to think that if they go through with these decisions, they’ll achieve life changes as we did…


Deceitful Romance

The romantic music plays on the spectacular movie set as a man and a woman exchange passionate looks. He speaks as if the words came straight out of a poetry book and then they kiss passionately, as the sun sets in the background and the romantic music peaks.


5 qualities of an ideal man

I already had it clear in my mind that I wanted to find the ideal man and at the same time, he was going to be the first man in my life. It was a difficult task and none of my friends believed I would accomplish it.


Jealous woman

A little bit of jealousy doesn’t do us any harm. On the contrary, it’s normal and necessary. We’re jealous of personal items, so why wouldn’t we be jealous of those we love?


Perfect women

At times, it may seem like I give off the impression that I’m perfect because I’ve written books, teach, and give relationship advice. Some people think I could even enter the ranks of ‘Wonder Woman.’But no I’m not perfect, and furthermore I’m against perfection.


How To Be Pretty, When You Don’t Think You’ll Ever Be

I didn’t find myself pretty. Every time I looked in the mirror, I saw a skinny, inadequate and totally awkward girl. My family would compliment me, but the only pretty thing I saw were my green eyes.


Sweet dream of mine

If you wish to fulfil a dream, get out of your comfort zone and do the things that you don’t like to do. If you keep on waiting to have the time or the will to do it, forget about your dream.



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