Nanda Bezerra

The man of your dreams

Today I’d like to talk about something that, no matter how much we talk about it, many still haven’t realised it yet.


The Spiritual world

There are forces in the world that we can’t see: forces of good and forces of evil. And we need to have an understanding of the spiritual world to be able to deal with our problems.


Securing Salvation!

Have you noticed how we easily forget things? We even forget how we look like.


Have you cleansed your heart today?

Having a clean heart is not an easy task, especially for us women, who tend to be more sensitive.


A necessity, not an option!

Evil knows that it is impossible to stop God’s people from taking possession of His promises; God’s Word has to be fulfilled when faith is manifested.


Whether you feel like it or not

If you want to achieve high levels of performance and personal productivity, you need to learn to select your most important task, begin it, and then concentrate on it single-mindedly until it is complete.


Just a small spider

Today I’d like to talk about something that I was meditating on yesterday. It’s about Nehemiah. He was focused on rebuilding the city walls when someone tried to distract him.



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