Nanda Bezerra

A reason for everything

Every effect or result in your life has a specific cause. Nothing happens by accident. Your life today is the result of all your previous you thinking and it could not be different.


Don’t even eat with her

Today I want to talk about friendships. We must be careful when choosing our friends, whether it’s a deep friendship or just someone who is always with you.


He and She

Men and women have different natures. Men have a hunting instinct, while women have a maternal instinct.



The limit is like a line. The only problem is that this line is invisible, and because we do not see the invisible, it is easily surpassed.


Taking Care Of Yourself

It’s not a matter of being anxious or worried about your love life, but something that should be natural for both single and married women is taking care for themselves This is something that you should never stop doing—not in a vain way, but in a healthy way, to boost your self-esteem.


Your mind

The human mind is a wonderful thing. Cognition, which is the act of thinking, allows us to process large amounts of information quickly.


Looking around

You look around and see nobody interesting. you look again and a couple passes by you holding hands. You turn your head and see another couple kissing and think involuntarily, “it will never happen to me.”



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