Bishop Celso Junior

What could be worse…

Helen Keller was a writer, lecturer and American social activist. She was the first deaf and blind person to earn a bachelor’s degree.


Wise or foolish?

Everyone in the church wants to spend eternity with God, but there is a difference between admiring the idea of it and making it your sole purpose.


Take off your trousers

The Holy Spirit is the third person of the Trinity. Initially, God used to speak to people through dreams and visions; He was audible.


The power of determination

She had done all that could be done, and… nothing. Twelve years of chronic haemorrhage seemed like an eternity.


Don’t ask why, ask how

Why was I abandoned as a child? Why was I born in such a horrible condition? Why have I never had opportunities like others had? Why was I betrayed by the person I loved the most?


Big Boys don’t cry

Since childhood, men have been taught to find solutions to problems. Men don’t cry. This is a “woman” thing to do. They swallow their tears and move on.


Do you trust Me…

If you were asked, “Who is Jean François Gravelet?” you probably wouldn’t have a clue, but in 1859, this man stunned the world.



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