The man of your dreams

Today I’d like to talk about something that, no matter how much we talk about it, many still haven’t realised it yet.


Take a deep breath

Today I want to write to you who are going through a situation that is totally out of your control.


The Spiritual world

There are forces in the world that we can’t see: forces of good and forces of evil. And we need to have an understanding of the spiritual world to be able to deal with our problems.


Securing Salvation!

Have you noticed how we easily forget things? We even forget how we look like.


Not so beautiful

A little bit of jealousy does us no harm. On the contrary, it’s normal and necessary. If we’re jealous of personal items, why wouldn’t we be jealous of those we love?


Have you cleansed your heart today?

Having a clean heart is not an easy task, especially for us women, who tend to be more sensitive.


A necessity, not an option!

Evil knows that it is impossible to stop God’s people from taking possession of His promises; God’s Word has to be fulfilled when faith is manifested.



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