The Battlefield

No matter how much we know in any area, there are always new things to learn. It’s incredible! Now let me share what I’ve been learning with you.


Jealous Woman

A little bit of jealousy does us no harm. On the contrary, it’s normal and necessary. If we’re jealous of personal items, why wouldn’t we be jealous of those we love?


Should I end it or give my boyfriend a second chance?

My boyfriend sent e-mails to a “friend” saying things like, “Hi beautiful! You’re better than the rest! I’m praying for you, how about we go out sometime?”


Let anger dry

Marianna was very happy because she’d got a new toy tea set, blue with yellow dots. The next day, her friend Julia came early to invite her to play.


Where’s the wedding ring of the heart?

“Hi, how are you?” I asked. “So-so,” she replied. By the way she spoke, I knew she wanted and needed to vent. I then asked her a few more questions and she began to open up…


Best friends for girls

My best friend in my teens began to date a boy I had a crush on. Then she stopped talking to me altogether. She apparently found new friends and ignored me.


Look to Jesus!

It took me a while to understand the meaning of these words…



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