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Thursday 15th November 2012

Dad leaves for work in the morning after breakfast. The two children walk or take the bus to school, and mum stays behind to run the home and family.  Her job is the cooking and cleaning, washing and ironing, sewing and gardening plus keeping an eye on the grandparents.

This is the traditional pattern of family life in Britain, going back through most of the last century. It may not have been perfect for everyone, but for the vast majority it provided a secure and happy base. At best it was a spring board into the wider world and a safe haven when that world was unkind.

But is this true today? The news media, popular entertainment programmes and even people’s day to day life experiences say ‘no’. Traditional family life is heading for extinction and no one seems worried about it.

A recent survey found that as many as two out of three marriages now end in divorce, leading to a situation where many children live with one parent and only see the other at weekends or during the holidays.

In some areas struggling single parent families are the norm; and when do most families sit down together to chat over a meal or watch TV together? Modern life is too hectic. There is too much to do. The individual is all – or so we’re told – and by the way you choose your friends, not your family.

Yet many people still retain the belief that families are – or should be – the ones who are there for you when all else fails.  Ideally it’s your family that provides the cushion you fall on as a child, the comfort and support you need in times of deepest distress, love and a shoulder to cry on when you’ve been abandoned by the rest.

If you have been thinking about your own family life and how well it is working, it might be worth coming along to the UCKG HelpCentre in Finsbury Park this Friday, November 16th. Sergio Correa, who has been married for 24 years to his wife Daisy, will be presenting some interesting insights.

He grew up in a family that reached the brink of destruction when his father admitted to an affair.  The household continued to be dysfunctional for many years, with ill-health and failure at its heart.

Now a bishop, Sergio’s message is that families must be united otherwise, they don’t work, and he will be providing practical tips to deal with common problems. Why not make this Friday night an evening to remember at The Family Gathering?

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