Thursday, 23/2/2017 | : : UTC+1
UCKG HelpCentre
London, UK

The words you say to yourself maintain the condition of your mind.

Our daily internal dialogue can either be damaging or nourishing; the words you choose to speak to yourself hold an importance beyond measure. Self-talk is as significant as self-care; in the same way that you brush your teeth and shower every morning to maintain your hygiene, what you say to yourself maintains the condition of your mind. Words hold an energy that will, without a doubt, affect your mood.

Take this quiz to see if you have understood and know the negative and positive impact words can have on your life. You can view the results of the quiz below.


Positive (Mostly Never):

You’re on the right track! By avoiding negative self-talk, you have realised the power even one word can have on your life. Your conscious decision to eliminate such terminology from your thought process is admirable. We would like to take this opportunity to invite you to the 1 Word event on Sunday, 26 February at your local HelpCentre, to encourage and support you on your positive journey.

Negative (Mostly Always):

It is as vital to look after your mind as it is your body. As you would nourish your body with fruits and vegetables, your mind too deserves to be filled with nourishing and positive words. The 1 Word event on Sunday, 26 February is definitely for you! It will help you realise the impact even one word can have on your life. We will support you on your journey to positivity.

Indifferent (Mostly Sometimes):

It is important for you to realise the power of every word you speak, be it negative or positive. If you find yourself speaking and thinking negative words in only some situations, even that is enough to leave a damaging impact on your life. The 1 Word event will help to turn your indifference into positivity.