Saturday, 18/2/2017 | : : UTC+1
UCKG HelpCentre
London, UK
  • Looking from a different perspective
    Looking from a different perspective

    It is easy judge people from their appearance, however, this causes many consequences for those who do it. Pastor Alvaro explores this concept and teaches people how to start having a positive perspective on people as well as our lives. As well as this, he explains how powerful the words we say can change our…

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  • The sacrifice of life
    The sacrifice of life

    Using this year’s campaign as a prime example, Bishop Randal teaches us how to give the perfect sacrifice, so that we can experience the power of God in our lives.

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  • Enough is enough!
    Enough is enough!

    With only a few weeks until the end of the year, it seems people have already given up on their goals for this year. However, in this meeting, prepare to learn what it really means to be a Christian and say enough to your problems! Make the last weeks of the year, the best in…

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  • Two types of people
    Two types of people

    This meeting explores the true meaning of faith and how it affects our everyday lives. Moreover, it talks about the two different types of people who exist in this world and how we can be in the better category.

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  • Nazareth and Capernaum
    Nazareth and Capernaum

    Using a classic biblical story, Bishop Randal distinguishes the difference between having faith and being religious, as well as how it can affect our lives. Moreover, he teaches us how to use our faith and see the best results in our lives.

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  • Mature vs Old
    Mature vs Old

    In an eye-opening message, specifically for the faithful members of the UCKG HelpCentre, this meeting teaches us how to stay strong in the faith and continue to move forward in life.

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  • The power in you
    The power in you

    In this empowering meeting, Bishop Randal reveals the power of authority that has been given to us and teaches us how to use it to our advantage. In conjunction with this, he teaches us the importance of humbleness and being true to ourselves, no matter what position or role we may hold in the world.

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  • It’s time to say thank you
    It’s time to say thank you

    In a world full of conflict, war and an unstable future, it’s easy to forget how fortunate we are in our lives. This meeting focuses essentially on helping us to be thankful for what we have in our lives, as well as to remind us of how fortunate we are. Sure to be an uplifting…

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