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UCKG HelpCentre
London, UK
  • UCKG wins landmark legal case in Belgium

    Tuesday 2nd August 2005 The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) is pleased to have won its legal case against the State of Belgium in respect of damaging and inaccurate allegations which were made in a 1997 parliamentary investigation. As a result the following text is to be published in Le Soir and…

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  • TV channel humiliated following false claims against UCKG

    Friday 28th May 2004 In March 2004, RNN7, a television channel in Rotterdam, Holland, sent a fax to the UCKG HelpCentre, claiming to possess information that would prove that the church is involved in criminal activities. The accusations included that the church traffics in firearms and drugs. It also accused the church of money laundering…

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  • Magazine publishes clarification following false accusations against UCKG

    Thursday 20th May 2004 Britain’s leading left of centre political magazine, the Newstatesman, published an article last month where false allegations were made about the UCKG HelpCentre. The church was referred to as a religious sect and cult and was linked to the Victoria Climbie child abuse case. Not tolerating such lies, the UCKG HelpCentre…

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  • Newspaper publishes clarification and pays costs to UCKG over Climbie

    Saturday 31st May 2003 In May of this year, the Walthamstow Guardian published an article where false allegations were made about the UCKG and one of its pastors, Pastor Alvaro Lima. The article strongly suggested that Pastor Lima had acted negligently in his brief dealings with Victoria Climbie. This is not the first time that…

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  • UCKG is vindicated

    Saturday 12th August 2000 National newspaper publishes formal apology and pays out £10,000 legal costs. In August 2000 The Independent newspaper published an article in which false allegations were made against the UCKG and its founder, Bishop Macedo. The article claimed, in an extremely denigrating tone, that the UCKG had links with the Colombian drug…

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