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  • By faith, I was free from all of my allergies
    By faith, I was free from all of my allergies

      “When I started getting rashes on my neck, I didn’t think it was a major issue, so I simply dealt with it with over-the-counter creams; however, it became much worse. I had bruises on my skin and started experiencing dizziness and shortness of breath.” “The doctors said I was allergic to perfume, so I…

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  • My faith awakened
    My faith awakened

      I had suffered, for the most part of my 44-year marriage, with verbal and physical abuse. This led to me becoming full of anger and resentment. But I didn’t tell anyone what was going on, as the situation was quite humiliating. I was embarrassed about the situation, so I kept everything bottled inside. But…

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  • Clearing my mind for a peaceful sleep
    Clearing my mind for a peaceful sleep

    Like many women, Fatima lived with insecurities. However, her main concern was a lack of sleep that quickly turned into a nightmare. How would Fatima overturn this? She was in need of some answers.

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  • Looking over my shoulder
    Looking over my shoulder

    Going through the day was fine; it was the night that I couldn’t handle. I was very paranoid and didn’t look forward to going sleep, especially if my brothers weren’t around. If I was on my way home alone or in my bedroom, I would feel as if I were being followed or watched by…

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  • A daughter’s world is turned upside down
    A daughter’s world is turned upside down

    All it took was one day, and Liliana’s decent family went from bad to worse. “One early morning all I could hear was ‘Lili, help me! Lili please help me!’ I ran to see why my name was being called so desperately, and I was met with the sight of my mum in despair. She…

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  • A three fold blessing
    A three fold blessing

    “We were both young and healthy and we had no illnesses, so why couldn’t I have a child? At the time, I’d been married to my husband for 10 years, and we’d done everything a husband and wife could do to have a child of our own.

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