What should I do to participate in this Campaign?

First of all, know what you want. Know it clearly and specifically.
Secondly, see if what you want agrees with the promises of God. Use your intelligent faith. In other words, ensure that you are not asking something out of whim but something that is according to the will of God as expressed in His Word.
Third, see if you are prepared to make the sacrifices necessary to get it. This is where many people fail.
A campaign is not just about writing a prayer request, handing it to the pastor for prayer and then letting him do the rest for you. It is not magic either. A campaign requires your total involvement in it – body, soul and spirit – just as those who go to war.
Every good thing has a high price. The sacrifices required to achieve a blessing depend on the kind of blessing you are after. For example, the sacrifices required to start a business are much greater than those required to find a job.
If you are willing to give all your strength in what you want to achieve – and in return, have a fulfilled life. And would like to participate in the Campaign of Israel for your life and would like to know more about it, you can pop by the nearest HelpCentre to you, where you will receive information concerning this purpose of faith.

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