UK members visit the Temple of Solomon

After a series of caravans from all around the world had made the journey, it was the UK’s turn to visit Universal Church of the Kingdom of God (UCKG) worldwide headquarters at the Temple of Solomon in São Paulo, Brazil. The caravan took 44 people who attend the UCKG at various locations in the UK, such as London, Leicester, Peterborough, Luton, Leeds and Oxford.

The caravan arrived in Brazil on Thursday, November 7th and remained in the country until Monday, November 11th. The group visited the biblical gardens, the Godllywood School, Record TV, the Holocaust museum and the Legislative Assembly of São Paulo.

‘To participate in the meetings held at the Temple of Solomon was a great blessing. I also enjoyed the tour around the biblical gardens, where I understood more about the elements mentioned in the Bible, such as the Ark of the Covenant, the tabernacle and so forth,’ commented 21-year-old Sarah Ngamwuchu.

Sharon Shepherd, 57, experienced a spiritual renewal during the trip. ‘My experience happened even before I entered (the Temple), when I was still on the courtyard. I will never be the same again in my servitude towards God and my communion with Him,’ she described.

Other countries expected to visit the Temple soon include Argentina, Uruguay, Ireland and Australia.

If you missed this chance to visit the Temple of Solomon, keep an eye on this space for more information on when the next trip will be.