Training For Career Success – 200 Londoners Get Started

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Over 200 Londoners intent on improving their career prospects and boosting their earnings attended a briefing at the UCKG HelpCentre, Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park on Saturday April 24, 2010. Many of them committed to training or returning to work after a period of unemployment then and there.

Entitled Better Education Awareness, the briefing was organised by the UCKG Community Outreach department and delivered by a partnership of the Greater London Authority, Islington Training Network, East London Skills for Life and the UCKG Training Centre. It provided a one stop shop for information about the adult training opportunities currently available across north and east London and support services for people wishing to get back into work.

Toyin Sulola of East London Skills for Life said: “The event was most fruitful and we had many enquiries about the Train to Gain* programme. We will be calling these people for a more in depth induction and those that are ready to take on the training can start immediately.

“Many people signing with us on Saturday are working and expressed the desire to improve their skills through this training opportunity so they can gain a vocational qualification and move on to better paid work.”

As someone who wants to return to work, Juliet Nangombe of Kilburn added: “I have been unemployed for three years. The event really gave me a boost, and encouraged me to start working towards going back into a job.

“I booked personal sessions at the workshops provided, I made the most of them and now I really look forward to meeting the advisers again. These events should happen more often as everyone that I spoke to really loved it.”

Feedback from sponsors and attendees alike confirmed the view that returning to work is particularly challenging after a long spell of unemployment. Marina Darco of Islington Training Network summed this up: “Judging by the people I saw on Saturday, it’s clear that there is a great need for providing support and advice in a safe environment. People need to feel safe to express their anxieties and concerns, or just to share ideas and thoughts so they can grow and find the confidence to strive forward.”

Attendees heard talks and had the chance of individual advice sessions with some 20 professional careers advisors from the participating organisations. They could also take away an information pack with details of training provision currently available from specialised organisations and the government.

Vivian Katso of the UCKG Training Centre concluded: “I am very happy that we met our objective in sponsoring this event and am personally aware that many of those attending received help and direction with their next steps in career development and training.

“Theoretically, we all know that better skills and better jobs are necessary if we aspire to higher pay and more fulfilling careers and lifestyles. In practice, however a little boost to our motivation is necessary from time to time, and this event provided just that impetus.
The briefing was the second in a series** of free outreach events that the UCKG HelpCentre will run throughout 2010.

Note to editors:
*Train to Gain is now part of the Solutions for Business portfolio – a streamlined suite of government-funded support products for businesses accessible via Business Link. To take part in Train to Gain people must be working in full or part time paid employment or as a volunteer.

**The briefings take place at the Rainbow Theatre 232 Seven Sisters Road, London N4 3NX, which is within sight of Finsbury Park tube and rail station.

UCKG is a Christian church and registered charity that offers a range of practical support activities alongside spiritual support and comfort.  It reached the UK in 1995 and has gone from strength to strength, providing support and spreading the Christian faith. There are 36 UCKG HelpCentre branches in England and Wales.

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