Lucky or Unlucky?

Luck, Saint Patrick, stop a bad situation, touch wood, Trinity,


Cross your fingers. Throw salt over your shoulder. Find a four leaf clover. Touch wood. Cross your heart. Recite the mantra. Avoid the black cat. Don’t walk under a ladder. Don’t step on the cracks!..

Some people would do almost anything to ward off ‘bad luck’ and bring themselves a little good fortune. But more often than not, their varied rituals does nothing to stop a bad situation from worsening.

Why? Because there’s NO SUCH THING AS LUCK! There, we said it!

And what’s more, on what is considered to be some of the ‘unluckiest’ days of the year, we will show you the REAL WAY TO to provoke, invite, and attract opportunities; as well as the most powerful way to expel all kinds of negativity.


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