The Zika epidemic

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Since April 2015, a large outbreak of the Zika Virus occurred in Brazil and rapidly spread to most of south america. Even though the virus had been spotted years before, the shock has been due to the large number of victims it has struck.

Plans have been announced to prevent the spread of Zika during the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, whilst the research to find a cure for the epidemic continues… which, after decades has come to no result. Leading US doctors have been reviewing brain scans of Brazilian babies and found small numbers are suffering a ‘very severe form of microcephaly’. Their brains are smaller and appear to have suffered ‘severe destructive injury.’

Dr Dobyns has spent 30 years researching and treating microcephaly. The condition is defined by an abnormally small head in a newborn, and it is known to lead to developmental disabilities, ranging in severity from mild to severe. The US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have sought to draw on his expertise in understanding the unfolding epidemic.

Brazilian health officials are investigating 4,000 suspected cases of defect… for now. However, new reports have surfaced of the first sexually transmitted disease in Texas, US. Brazilian health officials warned that pregnant women should avoid kissing strangers, after they discovered traces of the active virus in saliva and urine samples, raising fears that the disease could spread via bodily fluids.

Right now, prevention is the greatest defense, as no vaccine for the Zika virus exists at the moment.

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