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Due to the social isolation during the quarantine period, loneliness has put a huge  psychological pressure on thousands of people.

The psychological impact caused by the new coronavirus pandemic has been an “avalanche” in many people’s lives. Whether it is due to the stress caused by the media or the issue of having to spend more time with the people you live with during isolation, the fact is that mental health has been needing extra attention.

Mental health during pandemic

Psychologists explain that one of the hardships that those who are confined at home are facing, is dealing with the feeling of unproductivity associated with how they perceive “free time.” “There is a demand to always be doing something, and this becomes serious as feelings of comparison between yourself and other people emerge, causing anxiety and increasing the number of cases of depression and melancholic states”, the Brazilian clinical psychologist Beatriz Moreira explains to the R7 website.

Those working in the essential services may be emotionally affected by the fear of being exposed and, consequently, spreading the virus to family members.

24h Helpline to combat loneliness

For this reason, our 24h Helpline has become even more important during the quarantine period. People with anxiety disorder need others to be patient and understanding towards them. They require extra attention in times such as the one we are in.

There has to be flexibility when dealing with people with mood swings, those in despair and who feel need to open up. To provide this, our free helpline counts on the voluntary participation of several advisers who are ready to assist and help everyone who calls.

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