Not much that happens is detected without a transmitter or receiver. The sun’s light illuminates the planets and the stars, but space itself remains dark. Why? This is because it has no physical body to act as a receiver of the sunlight.

Sunlight reaches every corner of the galaxy, but it is only seen when a receiver reflects it. The same happens with electricity, radio waves, Wi-Fi and every other form of energy. In order for their impact to be evident, a receiver is necessary. Energy is present all the time, in every place, but it only has an effect when there is a connection between the transmitter and the receiver.

It’s no different in the spiritual world. Unfortunately, there is a lot of negative energy being propagated, be it jealousy, anger, hatred or deceit, and many people end up being receptors of this kind of energy. Consequently, this can lead to suffering. However, the good news is that if negative energy is being emitted in the hope that someone will receive it, God also emits positive energy for us to receive.

As fire, wind and water are energy-generating elements, God’s altar also generates the energy of faith. By connecting with this real energy, the person is blessed and empowered to unplug from the negative energy around them. In short, everything emits a type of energy and you can choose which to connect with.

Come to our Sunday services at 10am, where you can learn to connect with God’s energy – a powerful kind that uplifts the receiver and allows them to live in the abundance they were destined to all along.

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