Could we live in a world without rules?

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Could we live in a world without rules?

Growing up we all had some sense of rules placed on us either by our parents, teachers, or authorities. When we don’t comprehend the basis behind these rules, the initial instinct is that we can do as we please, which would eventually cause us more harm than good.

But could we sincerely live in a world without rules? Well, not really. The statement itself could be seen as an oxymoron, as ‘not obeying any rules’ would already be a rule to be followed.

Rules are the essence of all the activities we do that involve others. If we want to live a happy and safe life, then there are rules to adhere too. Take sports for example. If rules were not in play, everyone could do as they please in order to win. This would entirely take out any fun from the sport, and turn it into something meaningless. A sport without rules is no sport at all.

It’s necessary to understand that if maybe we were the only living being on the planet, then perhaps we could get around not obeying rules. But this is not the case. And that’s why rules were placed since the beginning of time, not to harm us but to actually protect us and allow us to live a happy life.

God instilled obedience to His Word since the very beginning of time in order for us to live happily. Unbeknownst to most, the horrible things we see happening in the world today are not God’s fault, but the fault of someone’s disobedience.

This was the case of the first King of Israel – Saul. He had everything going for him to reign in obedience to God but there came a point where he put his own interests in first place and disobeyed God, leading him to lose what God had given him – the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit was essential for a king to rule so he would have the wisdom to guide the people of God. Without it, people would eventually be led astray. And because Saul did not repent, God ended up choosing a young boy with no experience, who not even his father saw in him potential as a new king.

However, God was able to see what was in David’s heart, though David didn’t know much, He obeyed God. He was a young man after God’s own heart (1 Samuel 13:14). And in order to help David out, God bestowed upon Him the greatest gift someone could receive – the Holy Spirit! Now David had exactly what he needed to succeed as a king.

Then Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the midst of his brothers; and the Spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward.” (1 Samuel 16:13)

This coming Sunday we will be doing what the Prophet Samuel did to David. When you arrive at the church, you will receive the Anointing with the Oil from the Horn, determining that the Holy Spirit will also come upon you as He did with David. He will give you the wisdom you need to achieve a fulfilled life on earth.

Leading up to Sunday, we invite you to evaluate yourself and see where you might not have been obeying God as you should have. By doing this, you will already be preparing yourself spiritually to receive the anointing on Sunday and also the Spirit of God.

Those who understand the importance of receiving the Holy Spirit will do everything in their power to receive Him.

Join us this Sunday at 10am to receive the anointing with the oil from the horn. Invite anyone else you see that could also benefit from this special meeting.

Meeting: Anointing with the Oil from the Horn
Day and time: Sunday at 10am (also at 7:30am)
LocationYour local UCKG branch
More info: call or WhatsApp 020 7686 6000 (24-Hrs)

Please note: If you are in the higher-risk group or are self-isolating, you can still participate in the service online at


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