The Blessing of the Possessor

a priest of God, faithful to God,


In light of the recent directions from the government, the UCKG HelpCentre is wholeheartedly doing all that it can to support everyone during the pandemic. We have restructured our church meetings with immediate effect from Thursday, 5 November, to only take place online until Wednesday, 2 December.

“And he blessed him and said: “Blessed be Abram of God Most High, Possessor of heaven and earth; and blessed be God Most High, Who has delivered your enemies into your hand.” And he gave him a tithe of all.” (Genesis 14:19-20)

Abram was the first tither. He put God above everything and everyone and when he obtained a great victory, he presented his tithe – the first ten percent of what he had conquered. Because of this, God blessed him through Melchizedek, King of Salem, who was also a priest of God. Abram’s faithfulness to God is why he succeeded in everything he did. He had an abundant life and took possession of great things. Even after death, a place was reserved for him in heaven: Abraham’s bosom.

God wants this same blessing to be upon you, but in order to obtain it, you need to follow the same steps that Abraham did.

Based on this, we will have the Blessing of the Possessor. Bishops and pastors from every continent have blessed the anointing oil in one faith, so that you are able to take possession of what you have not yet conquered this year.

Despite how 2020 has turned out so far, your faithfulness to God is what will guarantee that you succeed just as Abraham succeeded regardless of his circumstances and surroundings.

All those who are faithful to God will be anointed with the oil of the Possessor three times in the month of November. The second anointing will happen this Sunday, 8 November during the online service at 10am.

If you received the cotton ball with the anointing oil, keep this with you to anoint yourself for the third time at home. If not, put aside some olive oil so that you can also take part and you will be directed on how to use it during the online service.

You will be able to present your tithe and offerings online, in the faith that you will recover something you have lost or take possession of an asset that you have not yet been able to.

For more information, you can call or send a WhatsApp message to 020 7686 6000.

Meeting: The Blessing of the Possessor
Day and time: Sunday, 15 November at 10am
Platforms: Connect to the online meetings via YouTube, Facebook or Liberty Radio

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