How you can stop bringing your work problems home with you

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Work can be rewarding but it can also be frustrating at times. From rude bosses to lazy employees, the working environment can leave us feeling worn out, and as a result, we can end up venting all of our frustrations out on our loved ones at home. But fear not! Scientists have found a technique that can help people leave their annoyances at the office.

Exercise and sleep.

According to a team of researchers, any physical activity, from walking to a full-on work out, can help you release your frustrations in a more effective way. Professor Shannon Taylor from the College of Business Management, University of Central Florida said: “If employees have been belittled or insulted by a supervisor, they tend to vent their frustration on members of their household” and this benefits no one. But by doing more physical activity, it will allow your body to release stress.

Sleep is just as important, as Professor Shannon Taylor revealed that a lack of sleep can add to people’s frustration because they are “too tired to regulate their behaviour”. On average, we should have between seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Overall, a study conducted by researchers found that employees who take an average of more than 10,900 steps every day were less likely to vent out their irritations, in comparison to those who took an average of 7000 steps every day.

Do you want to come home calm and happy after a stressful day of work? Get some exercise in your daily routine and sleep well!



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