A protection like no other

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A protection like no otherMy family has always been very dear to me. We don’t see each other because we live in different countries, but we are always in contact. I come from a family with three brothers, and I am the only girl out of the bunch. I always do my best to keep in contact with them so that we don’t grow apart. To see families torn apart and not speak to each other is something that I have always tried to prevent. We are not perfect, but with communication we can surely maintain good relations.

The UCKG HelpCentre has shown me the importance of praying, especially for our families. We never know what will happen tomorrow. I can honestly say that I have seen the benefits of my prayers when I heard the horrific news of the Paris bombings. I have a brother that lives in the city who could have been caught in the sad and terrible disaster that took place, but somehow that day he turned down an invitation to go out with his friends. Some may see it as a coincidence but I don’t think it is. I believe it was the clear power of prayer.

Maria Miranda

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