Someone Has Been Lying to You

the benefit of your salvation,

Rest in peace Web bannerMost people who are reading this message have been to at least one funeral, while most of us have been to several. And in every single funeral, the priest always says the usual words: “May your soul rest in peace.”

The Lord Jesus said: “Because NARROW is the gate and DIFFICULT is the way which leads to life, and there are FEW WHO FIND IT.” Matthew 7:14


We’ve got a bit of a problem here. If the Lord Jesus said that few are saved, and yet at every funeral people are hearing that everyone is “resting in peace” someone has been lying to us our whole life, and you can be sure the one lying is not the Lord Jesus. It seems like heaven is full to the brim, and there is absolutely no one in hell because we’re all such “great people”. Or could it be, that no one wants to stomach the truth of condemnation as a result of living out the pleasures of our flesh?


Here is the truth. God does not want to condemn anyone to hell and so He provided an escape by sacrificing His Son on the cross. But when we do not live our lives according to His teachings of carrying our cross daily, we are CONDEMNING OURSELVES TO HELL. 


Unfortunately, we live in a society where more than ever, almost no one takes responsibility for their choices. Everyone is a victim!


– We’re unemployed because no one gives us a job

– Our relationship broke up because there was something wrong with the other person (God forbid there could be something wrong with us…)

– We can’t move forward with our lives because society and the system are corrupt


But never, EVER, could our problems be the result of foolish choices we have made.


But it is this same mentality that people hope to apply to their salvation when they face judgment. So, for the benefit of your salvation, let us say plainly what a priest will not say at your funeral: If a person dies without repenting and abandoning their sins, their soul WILL NOT REST IN PEACE, and playing the victim won’t help either. 


But here is the good news: No matter how much you have wandered far from the Lord Jesus, He says the same thing to you that God said to Cain – “If you do well, will you not be accepted?” Genesis 4:7


Our God is SO good, that no matter what we have done, He accepts us once we repent and we start obeying Him. 


But for those who postpone this decision, I’m sure there’ll be a priest somewhere who will gladly keep on saying what we’ve been hearing for centuries, even though deep down we know it is not the truth…


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Bishop James Marques

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