Passerby’s save passengers in car accident

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A video showing a group of people trying to save passengers involved in a car accident has gone viral. In the video, two cars collide with an SUV, causing the SUV to flip over on its side. Other drivers nearby got out of their cars and pushed the SUV back to safety, saving the lives of a seven-year-old boy, the driver, and one other passenger. No one was seriously injured, but the driver was taken to hospital for a fractured wrist.

People go through problems on a day-to-day basis and are desperate to find a way out. That is why we have battalion meetings every Saturday morning at 10am. With the aim of helping others, we go out into the community to give people the opportunity to receive help and guidance to overcome their problems. Many of our current members were initially approached by a member of the UCKG HelpCentre.

We have countless examples of people who have changed their lives for the better, but this was only possible because they were given the opportunity to come and receive help.

Why not join us for our battalion meetings, as we come together to help those who are suffering? Just like those strangers helped the passengers in the car accident, use your voice to help those who are in need.

Event: Battalion meeting

Day: Every Saturday

Time: 10am

Location: At all UCKG HelpCentres


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