New Faith School Series: The Warning for Salvation

No one can deny the chaos that the world is in right now. There is uncertainty and disaster all around. The arrival of a new virus that has caused the death of millions is just one occurrence that people have had to endure.

The state that the world is in has been foretold, and many of the ongoing events are signs of what and Who is to come. We are in the end times.

So you also, when you see all these things, know that it is near—at the doors!” (Matthew 24:33)

At the Faith School, a new series will begin: The Warning for Salvation. Come to watch the second video in this seven-week series this Wednesday at 7.30pm. It will explain the events of our time, along with the message of the night, which will lead you to understand the truth.

Come with an open mind and heart. You will learn how to receive the greatest protection of all: your salvation.

For more information, call or send a WhatsApp message to 020 7686 6000.

Meeting: The Warning for Salvation
Day and Time: Wednesdays at 7.30pm (also at 7am, 10am and 3pm)
Location: Your local UCKG branch