Learn to fight alone

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Learn to fight alone
Sometimes you will be alone in the pursuit of your goals and that’s not a bad thing. Read further to understand why you shouldn’t become discouraged when you find yourself fighting for your goals alone.

The eagle, for example, flies alone, but flies high, withstanding pressure. The bird walks in a flock, but does not fly high.

What does this mean:

Negative words and destructive attitudes usually come from those closest to you: a partner, an employee, a family member. This can influence you and lead you to failure. Here are some tips on what you should do to avoid this:

1. Murmuring

A person who has this habit doesn’t assume their mistakes, but blames others. Besides, they see the downside to everything and they always find something to complain about.

The people of Israel made this mistake (read Numbers 14:2) and the result was that they spent 40 years in the desert and did not enter the Promise Land. Decide to change from today, don’t complain and look at the positive side of things!

2. Living in the past

Generally, those who have lost a lot have this habit, and because of this they live in regret and despair. If you find yourself doing this, God is inviting you to the Congress of Success meeting to turn things around.

3. Giving up easily

Someone that gives up easily is not willing to persevere until they reach their target. If you want to win, you must do the opposite: you must be thirsty to win, you cannot stop, no matter the obstacle. If you fall, get back up, and you will see yourself advance. No one will be able to hold you back.


If you want to succeed in your financial life and make God your partner you are welcome to attend the Congress of Success meetings that will take place at your local Universal Church every Monday at 7.30pm (also at 7am, 10am and 3pm).