Bad habits and financial failure

ignite your faith,

Bad habits and financial failure

See 3 tips from the Lord Jesus to solve these issues.

Bad eating habits are responsible for a number of health problems. In financial life, it is no different. When someone has bad, negative habits, they bring a series of failures into their life.

Some are used to complaining. Others got used to poverty, living on donations. There are merchants who have become used to having few customers, among other examples.

There was a time in the ministry of the Lord Jesus that he came across a man in this situation: paralyzed for 38 years and waiting for others to change his life (read John 5:2-9). No wonder he had been living in the same situation for so long.

If we analyse this passage, we will see that He gives 3 tips for the financial life of anyone to move forward.

Stop Waiting

Many people have this bad habit: they wait for something to happen, for someone to help, to give them a golden opportunity, wait for the miracle to fall from heaven one day.

But you can’t be like that, seeing your account in red, has to bother you. Instead of waiting, act, don’t accept the situation, pray, do your part and don’t just sit back and wait for something to happen.

Get up

That means to stop thinking small. No more thinking you can’t, you aren’t able. Your vision and your mind must be positive.

Never feel sorry for yourself again, ignite your faith, your confidence, your certainty, your hope. Don’t doubt what God is able to do in you or for you.


That means ACTION! Do you want to start a company? Look for a place to lease or rent, make the proposal to acquire it. Nothing will fall from heaven, after all, 50% of the miracle depends on your attitude.

Seek the wisdom of God and He will strengthen you because His Spirit lifts up the weak or fearful and makes them stronger. What bad habit do you have that is holding you back? It’s time for a change.

For more tips on how to succeed in your finances, attend our meetings for Financial Success every Monday at the Rainbow Theatre (7am, 10am, 3pm or 7.30pm).

You can also attend at your nearest Universal Church.

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