I focused on my dream, and that’s what helped me to reach my goal

attending the Universal Church, develop within the business, found a new courage, Regardless of the challenges, was able to make her financial vision a reality,

I focused on my dream, and that’s what helped me to reach my goalMore than half of UK workers are unhappy in their job but Not Me!

According to a survey by Mercer Human Resource Consulting, 64% of UK employees are not satisfied with their job. For twenty percent of them, the lack of career progression in their current job is the biggest problem.

Considering the unemployment trends and the uncertainty of the UK economy, is it easy to turn away from a paid, albeit meagre, job in search of that utopic position, if such a position exists? How easy is it to challenge the norm and go for your dreams, idyllic as they may seem? Abigail Adediji was willing to do just that; she no longer wanted to be part of the ‘comfort zone’ statistics. She was able to make her financial vision a reality despite the odds. Abigail learnt how to say, ‘Not Me!’ and tells us how she did this below.

‘My vision was small. In fact, I did not have a vision for my finances. I knew what I wanted but over time, I lost sight of my goals and settled for a basic life. I worked in a field that I did not want to be in, believing I had no other options. However, the fact that I was earning a below-average salary revolted me. I was attending the Universal Church so I started putting into practice the valuable lessons I was learning at meetings like the ‘Not Me!’ event.

The first thing I learnt there was that in order to be great and to make a positive difference, I needed to have a great vision for my life. I found a new courage that I did not know I had. As a result, I decided to quit my job and went for opportunities which, at first, seemed impossible for me to attain. I put aside the limiting beliefs and by using my faith, went for
job interviews that pushed me out of my comfort zone. This led me to a job in the field I had always wanted to be in — the financial sector, in which I have now been for the last two years. I recently received a promotion which made me the highest earner in my household.

However, this journey was not easy. I faced challenges and even thought of returning to my old job because after quitting, I couldn’t provide for myself and it seemed as though nothing was working out. But I kept on going. I focused on my dream, and that’s what helped me to reach my goal.

At my workplace, although I’m the youngest in my team, I have been trusted with opportunities that I would not have expected to be given. Furthermore, I have gone on to receive recognition from my manager, my manager’s boss and others in senior positions within the business. Additionally, I have been receiving mentoring from a member of the management team, which means I have the chance to develop within the business and to cultivate skills that I didn’t previously have.

My advice to anyone who is trying to succeed in their career and finances is to have a clear vision of what they want to achieve. Regardless of the challenges they face along the way, the key is to keep working towards their goals. Also, from my own experiences, I have seen that when you keep your focus on God, He honours you. The financial blessings are not what keep me going; rather, it’s knowing that who I am and what I do glorifies God. This is what I want above all, and this is my definition of success.’

Abigail Adediji
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