How to identify if you have been brainwashed

No one thinks, read about it, start to question,


How to identify if you have been brainwashed


No one thinks that they’ve been brainwashed; we imagine that this only happens in sects. However, the more Renato and I advise couples and singles, the more we identify people who were brainwashed during their childhood, adolescence and even as adults. What’s worse is that they can’t even imagine it!

Take a look and see if you identify with some of the points below:

  • Since the day that you heard someone very close to you criticise you brutally either about your looks or your way of being, you have seen yourself like so: you think you’re ugly, dull, awkward, complicated, mellow, too skinny, slow, have a big nose, Olive Oyl, shy, dumb, etc.
  • Someone told you that you would never amount to anything, that you would never be happy with anyone, that you were born to suffer, that you don’t have the profile of a successful person, that you look just like “x” person and will never be someone in life.
  • When you watch television, or read a fashion magazine, you see that your reality is different; you feel inferior, incapable, diminished and the more you compare yourself, the more you believe that your future doesn’t have much to offer and that you have to get used to your present.
  • You have been so disappointed in relationships, that you have become an unbelieving woman, indifferent to love, bitter, grumpy, sad and depressed.
  • The only way you feel a little pleased with yourself is when you are working or drinking with friends.
  • Your heart was just meant to be broken. You are afraid to try to be happy with someone.

I’m sorry to say that if you answered yes to any of these points, you have been brainwashed.

The fact is that nothing that I stated above is true, unless the person believes and subjects themselves to it.

An example:

If you believe that you are ugly, then you will live as an ugly person. You will stop dressing up, stop taking care of yourself; you will exempt yourself from opportunities, you will feel inferior according to who you find beautiful, you will accept flirts from anyone because you think it’s a miracle that someone is interested in you; you will hate anything related to beauty (since you believe that you are not beautiful), you will hate those who are beautiful, and envy, criticise and hope that they become as ugly as you.

Now imagine if you start to question everything you ever believed about yourself? Imagine if you go against everything you ever heard about yourself? Imagine if you start seeing yourself in a different way from today on? That you are beautiful. That you are entitled to dress up, to take care and beautify yourself. That beauty is not a subject that is out of the question, but an important subject to you as well. That you have the same rights as all the other beautiful women out there.

Friends, I have also been a victim of brainwashing. Those who have followed me through my books have read about it. I can say with all certainty that the day you stop accepting what you have decided to accept all your life, is the day you will become the woman you have dreamed of being.

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