Has your heart been closed for love?

The Bible,

Has your heart been closed for love?
Imagine trying to get into a house that is armoured with iron doors, and padlock windows, it will be a struggle and somewhat impossible to enter. It may sound like an exaggeration but this is the state for many people whose heart has become closed to love.

A heart that is closed can only attract bad feelings and the good feelings which is love won’t enter such a heart.

A closed heart can be likened to the following:
• A person that has chosen not to give in their relationship/selfish
• A person who has given themselves to a relationship but unfortunately experienced hurt since then refuse to open themselves to a new relationship
• A person who has trust issues of letting go and moving forward

No matter how much someone may experience hurt no one wants to be alone.

The reality is that life is infinitely better when it is shared in a good relationship. The Bible says that two are better than one, that is having the opportunity to share your thoughts, ideas and battles, and also to be appreciated and loved by someone.

So, how does one unlock their heart and surrender it to intelligent love?

From Thursday, 24 November until Thursday, 5 January; For seven weeks at the Love Therapy seminar, we will teach you how to unlock your heart to love.

Watch this video from our Love Therapy presenters who will share with you five tips on how to open your heart to love:



The Love Therapy seminar takes place every Thursday, at the Rainbow Theatre for all those who want to make a wise investment in their love life.


Event: Love Therapy seminar – Love cannot enter a closed heart
Date and Time: Thursday, 24 November until Thursday, 5 January at 8pm
Location: Taking place at the Rainbow Theatre and outside London branches please visit uckg.org/addresses for more info

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