Genetically Modified Foods

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What does faith have to do with our food?

None of the words in scripture were written in vain. Though we do not understand them all, they preserve an extraordinary significance and helpfulness. I proved this to be correct a couple of days ago. The Lord Jesus said that His signs would follow those who believe in His name: they will cast out demons, speak with new tongues, take up serpents, if they drink anything deadly, it will by no means hurt them, lay hands on the sick, and they will recover (Mark 16.17-18). I understand all of these things but one, in particular, I never imagined would happen in my life; to drink something deadly. After all, I thought it only had to do with the accidental, or forced, ingestion of poison but, as I look at the current situation of this world, I realise that’s not quite it.

All major media outlets have raised the issue of foods that are bad for our health, yet they remain on supermarket shelves, such as the controversial GMOs. Who hasn’t gone to the doctor or read an article about a certain food that is bad for them, and that they should keep away from it? But, some time later, to their surprise, more studies were done and what was “disgusting” became “wonderful” again… and they find themselves in the middle of this kind of controversy: “Should I use sugar or sweetener?”; “Should I eat or avoid eggs?”; “Is coffee good or bad for me?”

Out of all these discussions, I think the one about genetically modified foods is most intriguing. This is food that has had its seeds genetically modified and has received other substances to meet certain purposes. You and I probably eat them every day, without even knowing it. Modifying the genetic code of food has raised many arguments worldwide. Among them are: to end hunger in places where there is poverty, to improve the nutritional value of food, and to exterminate the pests that cause damage to crops. But we have scientific evidence that says these altered seeds are not safe for the human body or the environment. They state this only serves economic interests, which are completely unethical. So, we remain in the middle of this debate without an answer.

I think the Lord Jesus, knowing what society would become, assured us with His promises and His protection against these deadly forces. Most people are in constant danger during their meals, especially those who live in large urban areas. This is why faith has an exceptional value! It has the power to make us achieve and above all, to establish our achievements. It moves us forward but also enables us to protect ourselves. Still, it is personal, and will only neutralise the forces of evil in the lives of those who use it. Therefore, the time has come for us to use our faith to nourish ourselves, literally.

If you know that a certain food is bad for your health, stop eating it. Use your faith for the unknown. And one final piece of advice: those who have a small plot of land in their backyard, enjoy it and cultivate what you can with love, and without pesticides!

Just think about what a privilege it is for those who grew up in a rural area, because in addition to learning about hard work, the precious lessons of simplicity and having wonderful contact with nature, which is the work of our God, they also have a truly healthy diet.

 Bishop Edir Macedo
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