Focus on the promises

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Focus on the promises

May the Fullness of the Holy Spirit be palpable in the lives of those who believe in His Word!

One of the greatest secrets of intelligent Faith is to focus on the Promises of God. Instead of OBSERVING the problems around you, the faithful one keeps his or her thoughts firmly in the Word that the LORD promised under oath.

The apostle Peter began well by obeying when Jesus said, ‘COME’. He got off the boat and walked on water. However, when he SAW the waves beating on his chest, he immediately diverted his eyes from the LORD to the circumstances. At that exact moment, DOUBT spoke louder and he began to sink.

If you are drowning right now, there is still time to cry out the LORD JESUS’ name for help and to be saved.

Do this RIGHT NOW and NEVER divert your eyes from what is ETERNAL for what is MOMENTARY.

Continue in this faith and the Author of Faith will honour you!

Bishop Edir Macedo
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