Defying the odds

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Fighting the odds


After being declared brain dead by doctors, 17-year-old Taylor Hale defies the odds by breathing by herself, hours after being taken off life support.

Her mother, Stacy Hennsingen, told NBC News that, “Its definitely a miracle.”

Despite doctors’ uncertainty about Hale regaining her ability to walk, eat, and move, she continues to defy the odds. It has been four years she had her accident and she is not only graduating on time, but is also heading to college where she plans to study to become an event planner.

The doctors did not believe that she would be able to have the future she now has. Stacey is living proof that it’s never to late to start over.

What has been written off in your life? Is it a happy love life, a united family, a stable financial life or a clean bill of health? No matter what it may be, you can take a leaf out of Stacy’s book and fight for your life.

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