Big moments VS small moments

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Big moments VS small moments
Would you accept a spouse that takes you out on the most lavish and expensive holiday twice a year, with a personal butler and luxury from A to Z, but is too busy to spend time with you throughout the rest of the year?

Probably not.

Most people would not accept this, this is not what we want from our partner. Although this would be a grand gesture and many people would enjoy such an experience, this will not be enough to make a marriage last.

For some reason people value the big moments more than the small ones. They work so hard to make grand gestures to win their partner but neglect to invest in the little things that make the grand gestures so much more special.

Some couples go above and beyond to plan the wedding of the century and sometimes spend more than they can afford. They hire a massive venue to celebrate what is indeed a big day. They invest in expensive holidays in order to fix their problems, not realising they will still have to deal with the same problems, just on a tropical island or with a lovely view. This time away, which is a big thing, will not matter if there are unresolved issues.

You cannot rely on external factors to resolve internal issues that affect your marriage.

“For who has despised the day of small things?” (Zechariah 4:10)

Our love life can be compared to our life with God. If you observe the way God treats us, you’ll see an example of how you should treat your marriage.

Perhaps you have experienced great moments with God. But many people who have once experienced this with Him stopped doing the small things, such as praying, fasting, reading the Bible, coming to the church etc. They start sinking spiritually.

In marriage it is no different. There are couples who don’t even say good morning to each other or kiss anymore, they no longer give each other compliments but simply take their partner’s efforts for granted. “It’s her job to cook, it’s his job to change the light bulb, it’s nothing special”. They don’t realise that the small things add more value to the big things.

Setting time apart to attend the Love Therapy seminar together is one of these small things, because it is a small investment that will add value to the big moments you will have with your spouse. Do not neglect the small things and the help that is offered through the Love Therapy seminars, as they can make a great difference.

During this month of May, we will have more special tips for the married couples. Take this small step towards big results.

Event: Love Therapy seminar – The Month of Couples
Date and time: Thursday 12, 19 and *26 May at 8pm
Location: Rainbow Theatre, 232 Seven Sisters Road, Finsbury Park, London, N4 3NX

* On 26 May both The Marriage Celebration and the Renewal of the Vows will take place during the Love Therapy at 8pm.

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