Are Miracles a thing of the past?

gaining strength from God,

Are Miracles a thing of the past?
On Sunday, 22 January hundreds of people nationwide attended the Sunday morning service at the Universal Church, some who attended for the first time.

This particular Sunday attendees were invited to receive a free bottle of the blessed water from the Temple of Solomon – Jacob’s well. Attendees were challenged to use their faith accompanied with The Water of the Greatest Miracles.

After having participated in9I9A5217 the prayers many were able to testify of immediate results, attendees were encouraged to drink a slip of this water every day as a representation of gaining strength from God.

Sunday was another opportunity to prove that miracles are not a thing of the past but that God is very present now for those who choose to use their faith in Him God.

Bishop James, later shared in the service that the greatest miracle of all is for God to place His Spirit within a person.

Anyone can experience a miracle in their life but the greatest miracle God wants to perform in a person’s life is the new birth – that is truly becoming one with God.

Did you attend the Sunday morning service? How was it at your branch? You can visit our social media platforms to leave your comments.

*Disclaimer: Please note that the water referred to has no magical properties, but it can be used to awaken your faith and give you the willpower to overcome your battles. Our spiritual advice should be seen as a compliment to any scientific or medical treatment you may be receiving. The Universal Church of the Kingdom of God is a Christian Ministry and Registered Charity (no. 1043985)

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