An opportunity to start again with God

repentance comes from God Himself,

An opportunity to start again with God
How is your life right now? Have you left the presence of God and now are suffering, full of sadness and emptiness? Or perhaps, although you come to the church, you feel like you need to start afresh. Is this your case?

So, don’t miss the ‘Sunday of the New Beginning’ on the 10th October. On the day, we will also have the ‘Lord’s Supper of the New Beginning’ for all those who want a new chance with God.

You cannot go back in time – and you don’t need to. The change you want will not come from your past but from your present, when you make a new decision. God gives the gift of repentance to those He calls to live a new life. In other words, if there is real repentance within you – a desire to change and do everything differently – this repentance comes from God Himself. He is the One Who is calling you to live a new life.

Maybe you hold grudges against someone, you are proud or have been acting negatively with your partner. Maybe you want to leave your negative habits behind. Regardless of what you want to leave behind, this is your opportunity to start again with God.

What should you do?

Prepare yourself. Every day, read Psalm 51 and meditate on it. Then, on Sunday, 10th October, you will take part in the ‘Lord’s Supper of the New Beginning’ where you will be able to present your life before God as a pleasing offering and ask Him for a transformation.

Join us this Sunday at 10am (also at 7.30am) at the Rainbow Theatre or at your local Universal Church.

Take this opportunity because if you miss it, you don’t know if you will have another one. Surrender your life completely to God while there is still time.

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