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The Word of God is a clear compass to guide us towards living a better life. But why don’t some people understand it?

The truth is that, those who can’t perceive the commandments of God through His precious Word are lacking the Holy Spirit. This Spirit guides and helps the reader to not only understand His Word but also to have it materialised in their life. That is why the Holy Spirit is a priority.

Abraham, despite having left his country, sacrificing his properties, relatives, his father’s house, and having abandoned his religious traditions and gone to a foreign land, he still had no vision or understanding of his future. That was a matter of sheer faith and courage. Both of these attributes walk hand in hand. Without faith, courage lasts a short period; without courage, faith becomes impracticable.

If such a person maintains the attitude of faithand courageous behaviour, the Holy Spirit will come and fill this person up and turn him or her into a spring of living water.

So the true question we must ask ourselves is this: Am I showing God this courage that will spark my faith into higher flames? Is the Holy Spirit able to come upon me because He can see my efforts to receive Him?

God is loving, but He is also a just God. He won’t give His Holy Spirit, which is His all, to someone who doesn’t give their all to Him – God must become the absolute priority in a person’s life, so that He may fill them with His Spirit. It is this seal of the Holy Spirit that shows that a person is totally committed to God. Are you?

Bishop Randal Brito

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