A National Affair for the Heart

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Monday 10th February 2014

Two national charities will be working together for the remainder of February 2014 to make a major assault on coronary heart disease – the UK’s single biggest killer, responsible for an average of 200 deaths a day.

UCKG HelpCentres at 26 locations across England are pioneering a new way of supporting the British Heart Foundation (BHF) by making a huge collection of good quality bric-a-brac to be sold in the BHF’s 735 charity shops.

“Our aim is two-fold,” said Kim Powell, the UCKG HelpCentre’s Community Outreach Co-ordinator.  “We’re hoping to raise a significant amount of money for the BHF, which currently funds over 1,100 research projects covering all aspects of heart and circulatory disease, supports 1,042 healthcare professionals and runs a national Heart Helpline that takes 1,700 calls a month.

“At the same time we’re keen to raise awareness of the work of the BHF in fighting heart disease and encourage people to take a serious interest in their own heart health and that of their nearest and dearest.”

Since charity starts at home, the bric-a-brac appeal has just opened with UCKG HelpCentre members asking their families, friends and colleagues to turn out unwanted ornaments, vases, crockery, glasses and similar and bring them to the appropriate HelpCentre.

The initiative will be expanded further into local communities from Saturday 15 February onwards, when a leafleting and collection programme will target homes in selected areas close to each of the 26 participating HelpCentres.

Residents will be invited to deliver unwanted items that are suitable and have resalable value to the nearest HelpCentre by Saturday 22 February.

All of the items collected will be carefully sorted at the UCKG HelpCentres and packed in readiness for collection by the BHF.

“The saleable goods we collect will go to the BHF in their entirety, and I would urge everyone who can help to do so,” concluded Kim Powell.  “Like the British Heart Foundation, we are committed to help reduce the prevalence of heart disease.  There’s far too much of it about.”


Notes to editors


UCKG is a Christian church and registered charity that offers a range of practical support activities alongside spiritual support and comfort and welcomes all-comers. It reached the UK in 1995 and has gone from strength to strength, providing support and spreading the Christian faith. There are UCKG HelpCentre branches in England and Wales.

British Heart Foundation is the UK’s leading heart charity. It was formed in 1961 by a group of medical professionals wanting to fund extra research into the causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of heart and circulatory disease. Its pioneering research has helped to transform the lives of people living with heart and circulatory conditions, and its vision is for a world where people don’t die prematurely from heart disease.

The BHF runs numerous fundraising events, provides information on heart health via its website and helpline and is supported by celebrities from actor Dame Helen Mirren and Masterchef host John Torode to footballer Fabrice Muamba and street dancer Akai.

For further information please contact the UCKG HelpCentre Press Officer via e-mail on press@uckgnew.org or direct line 020 7686 6033.

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