3 Day Crusade of Faith with Bishop Júlio Freitas

the presence of God,

3 Day Crusade of Faith with Bishop Júlio Freitas

What a way to start off the year, with the special missionary visit of Bishop Julio who held three meetings over the last week in the Universal Church in London:

Wednesday – The Anointing with the Oil consecrated on Mount Calvary

Friday – The Night Vigil for the servants held at the Kilburn branch. Those who attended received a word on how to serve God more and better.

Sunday – The great ‘You Can’ event, more than 2,000 people were present at the Rainbow Theatre seeking the presence of God.

Each meeting complimented the other, leaving the attendees spiritually revived, renewed and baptised in the Holy Spirit.

Many didn’t leave the same way they came, after using their faith in the word of God during the meetings.Indeed, the mission was fulfilled, the declaration stated by Bishop Julio “from now on everything will be different” wasn’t just words but a reality for many over the past few days.

The emphasise on believing and acting upon the word of God was shared in the meetings. It was a clear and concise message to all to help preserve their calling and salvation.

Were you present at these special meetings? What did you get for yourself? You can visit our social media pages to leave your comments.


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