Your emptiness might be because of this (and solving it does not even cost 1 penny)


Something interesting about human beings is: they spend their whole life trying to improve their exterior, environment, physical and material conditions, thinking that this will bring them happiness, when, in fact, their real problem is inside, it is within. In other words, they put their efforts where they will have the slightest result. And where the result is needed, they don’t put any effort.

 We observe this easily in today’s world (and in the past). When you listen to politicians, business people, artists, and anyone with a public voice, that person will give some opinion regarding how the world can be better.

 In other words, everyone has an opinion about what needs to improve outside. Sometimes, a person makes that their life goal. And most people think: “If we have more money, the world will be better”. But each of these theories falls to the ground; they do not even last 5 minutes when you test them where they have already been implemented.

 For example, are there no corrupt people in Switzerland? That’s where the corrupt will usually hide their money. Is there no addiction in rich countries? It is the rich countries that face the plague of drugs today. Countries in Europe are facing terrible problems (social, suicide, immigration, violence, drugs). But what is not lacking in these countries is money; there is no shortage of intelligent people. The United States, the great cultural leader of the world, has worsened terribly in recent years. You’re going to Los Angeles; it looks like you’re in a third-world country. In other words, it is a social situation that intimidates.

 So, the world seeks to improve its material conditions and its education. In the individual, it’s the same thing. At the end of the year, people usually think: “I’m going to buy this or that”. It always involves something material.

 They seek happiness on the outside, but none of this solves the real problem: the inside…

 One of the greatest biblical examples of this is the deliverance of the people of Israel from Egypt. It manifested what was inside of them. They left Egypt, but Egypt did not leave them. The physical circumstances had changed, but the interior had not changed.

It’s like people who win the lottery. What they do with the money reveals what is inside of them.

 Footballers, when they get rich and famous overnight, a few keep their heads in place, follow their career right and are fine, even with a lot of money. Others, however, bring out everything that is inside of them.

 So, it’s not the external situation that will change your life.

What you need to look for is a change of your interior. Your investment has to go inside of you. The only thing that makes us better is getting closer to the Creator.

 If you really want to be better, get closer to God. Invite Him to join your life. And the best thing about all this is that it doesn’t cost a penny!

Watch the message in the video below and meditate on the subject:


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