You receive what you ask for

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When you go to a restaurant the waiter brings you a menu. Here, you are given several options and can order whatever you want. You are free to do so. The waiter will not force you to eat anything, nor bring you something other than what you have asked for. In other words, he will bring you what you’ve chosen and have faith to eat, trusting that you will be pleased.

This scenario is similar when you come before the Presence of God. As you draw nearer to the Almighty, He asks you what you want—what is your request—as the Lord Jesus did in the past. He says, “What do you want Me to do for you?” (Mark 10.51)

But instead of a menu with a limited number of options, God gives you the unrestricted freedom to ask for what you want because He has absolutely everything available and ready to offer you. The possibilities are endless, and what you ask for measures the level of your faith. This degree is precisely what will also determine the quality level of your life.

Your request shows the faith you have in the restaurant and in the professionals who work there. You would not ask for a dish that requires specific attention if you didn’t have faith in the zeal, hygiene and quality of the restaurant. The same goes for the requests you make to God: they show the faith you have in His Word, how much you trust Him and what you believe He is capable of doing.

If you ask for ordinary things, your faith is ordinary. If you ask for extraordinary things, your faith is extraordinary. If you only ask for earthly things, your faith is as fragile as these things are. And, if you ask prioritising eternal things, your faith is as strong as the eternal things are.

Your faith corresponds and is proportionate to your requests, because what you ask for is the very expression of your faith. Similar to the waiter, God respects your will, and brings you exactly what you asked for. He does not force you to ask for something that you do not want, or something that you do not have the faith to achieve.

He only gives what you have asked for! What you have faith to ask for, you also have faith to receive and enjoy, and God gives it to you. But what you do not have faith to ask for, you also don’t have faith to receive or enjoy, and God does not give it to you.

If the degree of your quality of life is high, the degree of your faith is high, because the degree of your requests is also high. But if the YOU RECEIVE WHAT YOU ASK FOR degree of your quality of life is low, the degree of your faith is low, because the degree of your requests is also low. All this boils down to this simple fact that is so good, it seems unreal: what you ask is what you get! The degree of your faith determines the degree of the quality of your life.

Bishop Edir Macedo
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    .Cecilia Henry

    18th August 2015

    This message is what I needed to hear today. I was underestimating my faith and asking for just enough even though I know God is a God of plenty. I am so glad that I am doing these challenges and reading the blogs because they remind me daily of how great God is. They also remind me of his power and promise to me. I just have to always remind myself to continue to exercise my faith at all times.

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    19th August 2015

    My faith challenged with this message! Thank you, Bishop.

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