Wife annuls marriage three minutes after wedding

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Wife annuls marriage three minutes after wedding

A Kuwaiti couple divorced after a short-lived three-minute marriage because the bride tripped during the ceremony.

According to local media, they had just signed the marriage contract in the courthouse when the bride tripped on her way out. Her husband, instead of helping her up and showing support, is said to have called her ‘stupid’. The woman, enraged at his remark, flew back to the judge and demanded the marriage be dissolved immediately. He duly obliged.

Nobody has yet reported what happened to the couple afterwards, but the woman received support on social media for not tolerating that kind of behaviour. The incident went down in the country’s history as the shortest-ever marriage. Thankfully, the bride had the courage to take a step back and rethink her decision to marry her former partner.

Considering all the abusive relationships we witness in the world, marriage is a union to be taken seriously, and the dating and engagement periods must be used as moments to reflect on the other person. Before deciding to tie the knot, both parties should ensure that they are right for each other.

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