What does the Temple of Solomon have to do with Honouring God?

Temple of Solomon

When Solomon asked for wisdom, in the beginning of his reign, he did so in order guide the people of Israel. When he inaugurated the temple, he honoured God by presenting offerings on the Altar.

Everything in the Sanctuary was designed by God, however on the day of inauguration, the Altar of sacrifice was not big enough to contain the many offerings that were presented.

 “It is as if Solomon surprised God, going beyond the space that was designated for the offerings,” explained Bishop James in yesterday’s Be Inspired radio program.

Today, we can imitate Solomon’s zeal by demonstrating a special care towards the House of God. That’s why we encourage everyone to switch off or silence their mobile phones during the service.

Furthermore, we don’t refer to the Altar as a “stage” nor do we allow anyone to perform or sing on it. This is in order to preserve the Holiness in the House of God, and to honour Him just as King Solomon did.

This was the main message in yesterday’s Be Inspired program. If you missed this, you can rewatch this full message in the video below:



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