“We Care”

We Care Sheffield

On Saturday 6th July, members of Sheffield’s Victory Youth Group (VYG) participated in their annual “We Care” Youth Engagement Day.

Supported by Sheffield City Council, which provided litter pickers, bin liners, and gloves, nine VYG members gave back to their community by picking up litter in and around Norfolk Heritage Park, a 28-hectare public park located south of Sheffield City Centre.

Believe Ndongala, a VYG member who joined the litter pick, said, “It was my first time participating, and I really enjoyed it. Despite living in Sheffield my whole life, I never noticed how much litter there was on the streets. Cleaning up the area I grew up in was great fun because I was able to give back to my community in a way I never thought I could. My favourite part was seeing the before and after of the places we cleaned.”

David Okito, Youth Leader of Sheffield’s VYG, who oversaw the event, commented, “We often hear of young people engaging in activities that don’t benefit society. It was amazing to see the Victory Youth Group members using their time, energy, and strength to help with the community’s litter pick while having fun. The passion they showed today was definitely the highlight.”

For more information about the Victory Youth Group or how they can assist with local community activities such as weapon sweeps, litter picking, or other initiatives, please contact the UCKG Community Outreach Team via email at groups@uckg.org.

To learn more about the weekly activities of the VYG in Sheffield, you can email us directly at vyg.sfd@uckg.com.

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