Turn on the Radio!


What do you do during long car journeys, commutes and walks? How do you like to entertain yourself? According to statistics, it’s believed that in the first quarter of 2020, radio reached 88.1% of the UK population. Were you a part of that percentage?

It was in 1920, that the first wireless radio broadcast took place in the UK and since then its popularity has continued. People listen to the radio for all sorts of reasons, for music, to catch up on the news, to listen to interviews, debates and sometimes to tune into sports commentary. Radio provides entertainment and insight for everyone.

Liberty Radio is a radio station that aims to not only entertain, but also help you get the best out of your life. We all go through problems, and sometimes, uncertainty on how to handle them can cause further unrest – for example, confusion on whether or not to leave a relationship, or a debt that keeps on growing. Not knowing how to handle these issues can often lead to more issues.

That’s why Liberty Radio has shows throughout the day created to help you navigate your life in the right way. Whether you’re looking for a positive word to start your morning or you need a mid-day boost, Liberty Radio provides a range of shows suited to your liking.

There are shows like ‘Be Inspired’, where Bishop James shares his pearls of wisdom, through which you can find help, freedom and faith. Through teachings of the Bible, this show aims to provide inspiration to anyone that needs it. Whether you need that extra push to complete a project or the motivation to bring about positive habits in your life, the ‘Be Inspired’ show is the shoulder you can lean on during a hard time or when you simply need some encouragement.

We can’t forget to mention the ‘Love Talk Show’, which teaches singletons and couples how to be successful in love. From interviews with experts, to having all your love life questions answered through discussions, this show aims to teach you how to love intelligently, through the wisdom of the Bible. The ‘Love Talk Show’ is unique in its ability to shed light on love, through the perspective of faith.

Liberty Radio provides a whole host of shows every single day, to help you build your faith and your relationship with God. For more information on the daily schedule please visit www.libertyradio.co.uk – you can also download the Liberty Radio app on your phone to stay tuned and up to date.