Tour of Faith and Miracles in Catford

Tour of Faith and Miracles in Catford

Do you think there is a limit to forgiveness, and what must a person do to receive it from you? 

Maybe you already have an entire list of requirements in your mind, however, God doesn’t see us like this. We learn in His word that He is willing to forgive anyone, no matter what they’ve done as long as they are willing to truly repent and decide to do what is right. 

This is the message you would have heard last week Monday at the Tour of Faith and Miracles which made a stop at the Universal Church in Catford. It was an opportunity for everyone to recognise their mistakes and reconcile with God, Who is willing to transform all those who approach Him with sincerity. 

The meeting exceeded the expectations of everyone present, including the 33 people who attended the church for the first time on this night. 

Gbeke, an assistant of the Universal Church in Catford expressed, “This meeting was just what I needed. Not only to see the miracles that took place but the message which emphasised that the forgiveness of God is for all regardless of what we have done as long as a true decision is made”. 

Overall, the meeting touched many lives and some attendees responded by getting baptised, a decision to bury their old lives in order to have a fresh start with God. 

Mayowa, who also attended said, “In a world where we are rarely given second chances, it’s so easy to lose hope. This message served as a reminder that God doesn’t operate in the way the world does and gives hope to us all”. 

Everything ran smoothly and we are certain that the church in Catford will never be the same again. 

The next stop on this tour will be in our Universal Church in Croydon, so if you or someone you know live in this borough, or the surrounding areas, save this date! 

Event: Tour of Faith and Miracles 
Date and Time: Monday, 18 September at 7:30pm 
Location: 12-14 London Road, West Croydon, CR0 2TA 

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