The Universal Church in the face of calamity.

Rio Grande news

Recent news reveals the devastation which occurred in the state of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil. Extreme floods submerged entire cities and thousands of people were left homeless and in need.

According to a report from the Rio Grande do Sul Civil Defence, over 2.1 million people have been affected. The flooding resulted in 147 confirmed deaths, 80,000 people taking refuge in shelters, over 538,000 left homeless, 806 injured and 127 missing.

This tragedy has attracted significant attention and among those responding are the Pastors and members of the Universal Church.

Bishop Guaracy Santos, who oversees the evangelistic work in Rio Grande do Sul, said that what is seen “is a tragedy” and expressed that it is at the heart of the Universal Church to extend a hand to those who most need it.

“Our pastors are among these people every day and much more in this situation. We spent the whole day on the streets, rescuing people and feeding them” he affirmed.

In total, there are 321 Universal churches spread across Rio Grande do Sul, around 10% of which were affected by the floods.

Pastor Jefferson Mesquita, who is responsible for the church’s social programs in Rio Grande do Sul, is directly involved in the rescue efforts, working alongside a team of volunteers, many of whom are also dealing with their own losses.

The Universal Church has mobilised significant aid efforts, sending 17 truckloads of donations from the Temple of Solomon in São Paulo, including over 455,000 units of water, 55,500 blankets, 15,000 hygiene kits, 9,500 food baskets, 63,800 pieces of clothing, 202 mattresses and 2,400 kilograms of food for rescued animals.

The current situation is full of uncertainty, nonetheless, Bishop Guaracy sees the possibility that people will find strength to overcome this calamity.

He highlighted that, “the strength to rise up and rebuild oneself will only be found in God, as the inner damage this causes is worse than the physical damage.”

He also shared a reflection that applies to us all: “we have to be ready for everything and we shouldn’t put our hearts on anything. Those who needed to evacuate their house quickly, for example, didn’t have time to take their belongings.”

You can say that these events serve as a reminder to God’s servants globally to always prioritise their relationship with Him above all.

Now we can understand why the Word of God emphasises:

“(…) For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away.” (James 4:14 NKJV)

While it is important to invest in the various areas of your life (in fact God promises to bless us abundantly) however one must never forget the most important possession they have – their soul.

If you would like to invest in your inner self with prayers and a message of empowerment, you are invited to visit your local Universal Church this Sunday at 10am.

There will be a moment in the service where we will meditate on the Word of God, so don’t forget to bring your Bible.

You are also encouraged to bring a bottle of water and pictures of your family to be blessed in prayer. If your family members live with you, you can invite them to join you.

Don’t miss this opportunity to invest in your Salvation! We look forward to seeing you at your local Universal Church.


Event: Sunday Morning
Date and Time: Sunday at 10am (also at 7:30am)
Location: At your local Universal Church

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