The True Meaning of Christmas

True meaning of christmas

Do you know where the most anticipated religious tradition of the year comes from?

The Christmas tree represents one of the most repeated traditions in recent centuries. However, to understand the true meaning that this date represents, it is first necessary to understand what is celebrated on December twenty-fifth.

And it’s not Jesus’ birthday. The Bible does not mention His date of birth, but it is believed to be around April.

This date is the birthday of a god, but not of the Christian God.

The Christmas celebration begins in the story of Noah. The curse he cast on his son, Ham, caused the cursed man to be murdered by his own son, Nimrod. Nimrod killed Cam to marry his own mother, Semiramis, but was later killed by his uncle, Sem.

Semiramis, his mother and wife, spread the lie that he had not died, but that he had gone to heaven, because he called himself the god of the sun. Semiramis, later became pregnant and said it was a gift from the gods, which was the reincarnation of Nimrod, but was in fact the result of a betrayal. Thus, Tamuz was born on December twenty fifth.

The cult of Tamuz was born with Semiramis and the priestesses guided by her. One of the traditions of this cult is to cut a pine tree, take it home and decorate it with gold and silver. Another common tradition practised by this cult was the exchange of gifts, held between the priestesses.

This tradition lasted long enough to be adopted by other nations, as was customary at the time. Christianity grew exponentially in Rome when Emperor Constantine decided to adopt religion. However, he also needed to please the many other religions that were among the Romans.

What almost everyone had in common was the celebration of Tamuz, which in certain beliefs varied in name. This happened in 313 A.D. and since then Christmas is considered one of the most important dates of many religions, and the true meaning of Christmas has nothing of Christianity in its origin.

In fact, what we see more and more is that Christmas has become synonymous with commerce and false happiness. Many people at this time suffer from stress of commitments and shopping for the festivities as well as the “End of Year Syndrome”, affecting countless individuals.

The month of December for many is a very sad period, bringing worry and even loneliness to people. If you’ve been affected negatively by this festive season, we are here to help.

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