The Tour of Faith and Miracles in Liverpool

Liverpool Tour

The Tour of Faith and Miracles continues and last week, this special event took place in the Universal Church in Liverpool.

More than 120 people gathered for this night of power, including long-standing members and 36 who attended for the first time. Many who were feeling down before they came reported that they were feeling uplifted and lighter afterwards.

Attendees were moved by the word of faith which was based on John 16:32-33. Bishop explained that though we can conquer many things, none of our achievements can bring us peace.

This peace that many search for in possessions or people can only be achieved through a true relationship with God, which is perpetual despite the troubles we may face externally.

“The highlight for me was that peace comes from God and begins inside of a person. This is then reflected in our external lives. When we have peace with God, we are at peace with everything else in our lives even when facing battles. The Tour of Faith and Miracles in Liverpool was surely a day to remember,” said Irena, an assistant in the church.

We are sure that this night has marked the lives of all those who were present and Bishop is looking forward to the next Tour of Faith and Miracles meeting which will be held on the 11th of September at 7:30pm in Swindon. If you or a loved one live in this area, you are invited to take part of this event!

Event: The Tour of Faith and Miracles
Date and Time: Monday 11th September at 7:30pm
Location: 21 Fleet St, Swindon, SN1 1RQ

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